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“This week involves triplets and reggae music. Pride Through Strife is the band’s name and is led by the McDaniel triplets. All born at the same time, however, only two are identical. They are Gabe, Josh and Aaron and they all front the band and exchange vocals throughout their set. Each brother sings and plays tremendously well and their harmonies are spectacular. Christopher Galaska is on the drums keeping rhythm with the trio and together they create a sound that is truly unique to the reggae rock world here in Arizona. And as far as I’ve heard, in the country, too. You can hear them online at”

“There is more content here than can be emphasized in these pages, but lyrically Pride Through Strife amazes. I guess I’ve been hanging out at more reggae shows lately, but I’ve found that a fun crowd that enjoys fun music knows what they are after and enjoys every bit of it. Now I do too. Whether it’s “Our Demise” or “Valley Girl” or “Shady Lady” this is just great music to be enjoyed, cynicism and all. In all actuality, the cynicism is pretty welcomed—perfect timing, perfect place…”Shady Lady” is probably one of the most perfect songs that borders on a misogynist glance at feminine infidelity. It is brought to you by a damaged ego, delivered by a destroyed love and wrapped in a simply amazing package. This EP is perfect."

"In the excitement leading up to our show this Friday at Yucca Taproom in Tempe, this week we're doing two artist features, starting with drummer Chris Galaska of Pride Through Strife. PTS has been around since 2010 and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dirty Heads, Badfish and Fortunate Youth. Aside from being incredible musicians, we've known these guys personally for years and are some of the best humans you could have the pleasure of meeting."